What to Wear to Circus Show

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A visit to a circus show is your best excuse to experiment a little (or a lot) with your style. This is one of the only few occasions, besides Halloween, when you can safely go as far as you’d like outside your comfort zone without the risk of making a major fashion faux pas. So, what to wear to circus?

Dress casual, but funky. Make sure your outfit grabs the attention. As you are going to amuse yourself (and it’s probably not during the office hours, right?), anything playful, comical, and nearly eccentric goes. Show off your fun side with a whimsical item or two.




What To Wear To Circus } Kids Style by Miss Kaira feat. Angel's Face Tutu and Stella McCartney Kids Sunglasses | EdgyCuts



Always wanted to wear a tutu as an adult? If you have a petit frame, consider one from Angel’s Face in an adult size. If you ever feared wearing your button-down backwards, now is the perfect time to give it a try. Dabble into frills and fake tattoos. Victorian collars and peplum tops might come in handy too. Other themed prints and shapes you can add to your outfit include wide stripes and the diamond checkered shape of the Harlequin pattern.


What To Wear To Circus Show } Mother - Daughter Mommy and Me Outfit Mini Me Style feat. Adidas Originals Superstar | EdgyCuts





Some practical fashion notes when choosing what to wear to circus:

Wear comfortable shoes, preferably flats, some you won’t mind some eager kid ruining. Same goes for all the other parts of the outfit – remember, there will be a lot of kids + food and drinks = a classic disastrous combo :}

Also, think about having an extra layer at hand. Depending on the season and time of day, sitting still for a couple of hours in an outdoor tent might get somewhat chilling.



And remember, you don’t need tons of things, crazy guts, or a special occasion to stand out. All it takes is one signature piece, some lipstick, and a smile to rock the world every day :}

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