You are a modern, busy working mom with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

You desire to stand out for the self you really are but you fear to step out of your comfort zone and let your uniqueness shine.

… or, maybe on the contrary,

You dread becoming invisible and crave to show your original style out there to the world NOW but you’re stuck in the rut and demands of everyday life.

We’re here to help.



We believe a girl doesn’t need tons of things, crazy guts, or a special occasion to stand out.

All it takes is one signature piece, some lipstick, and a smile and you can rock the world every day STARTING NOW :}

Imagine gracefully walking the fine line between originality and eccentricity with innate bravery and motivation to dress for who you really are – a woman of distinct style who doesn’t blend in – with minimal effort, day after day, no special occasion required.

When you join EdgyCuts family, you’ll learn simple yet effective styling tips and tricks to help you effortlessly choose daily outfits that speak to who you are and tell your story before you’ve even said a word, so you’ll feel constantly inspired and eager to express your best self through fashion.

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Една от 10-те най-добри стрийт визии на месеца на модата за есен-зима 2015 според Vogue; снимка: © Phil Oh за сп. Vogue


EdgyCuts in Vogue September 2015
EdgyCuts на страниците на септемврийския брой на щатския Vogue 2015 г.

I’ve always wanted to stand out. As a young woman, I dreaded being perceived as boring or ordinary, so I experimented a lot with my looks by trial and error. As I grew older and wiser and got to know myself and my body better, I started making better fashion choices and could more easily identify what worked for me and what didn’t. Then I got pregnant and I got scared.

But, contrary to my fears, being a busy working mom did not turn me into a fashion slob. Instead, motherhood brought in further confidence and motivation to experiment with my way of dressing. I started fiercely studying looks I loved. I attended Fashion Week shows several seasons in a row and scoured countless fashion magazines for inspiration. I learned a balanced way to dress with minimal effort and time without sacrificing my personal style, still standing out from the crowd. Today I teach my daughter how to do this herself.

Now come join us and nearly 2,000 other fashion-forward women on this personal-styling journey.
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