What to Wear in Florence in Spring

As a true smart traveller, you already know that the best time to visit a popular tourist destination is during low season. Any trip to Southern Europe in particular is best planned for April-June or during September and October, when the weather is mild (read: bearable) and prices tend to be a bit lower (airfares including), and last, but not least, there are fewer tourists crowding the main sights. If you are headed for a quick getaway to Tuscany, make sure to pack outfits that will help you look like a local fashionista when strolling the medieval streets of the Tuscan capital. So, what to wear in Florence in spring?

What to Wear in Florence | Kids Street Style by Miss Kaira | EdgyCuts
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{ Think dresses, blouses and skirts. }

The sense of style and good appearance is natural to all Italians, but in Florence, recently dubbed the world’s 5th fashion capital, women are especially dressy and in vogue. If you want to rock a fashionable street look on your trip to Tuscany, pick dressy casual outfits that will cover you in most situations, because you might not have time to change during the day and anything could happen. You never know who you might meet or what invitation for a coffee, dinner, or party you might get out of the blue ;}




Think dresses, blouses and skirts. Bring in (at least) some colour and wear a statement piece that balances elegance with boldness. Neutral colours go a long way. Opt for solid colours like brown, blue, white, and nudes. Remember to accessorise so that you don’t look too casual. Channel your inner Sophia Loren with a sun hat. Bring along a pair or two of sunglasses as well.
What to Wear in Florence | Kids Street Style by Miss Kaira | EdgyCuts

{ Channel your inner Sophia Loren with a sun hat. }


Some practical tips on what to wear in Florence:

In spring and autumn, dressing in layers is essential for coping with temperature shifts between daytime and evening. It can also be quite windy, so forget short skirts that easily fly up ;}

Choose your footwear with the cobblestone streets in mind. Flats, kitten heels, and block heels are your safest bets. Wedges – not so much, unless you are a true pro. Flip-flops and any other beachwear, besides sunnies and straw hats, are a big no-no.


And remember, you don’t need tons of things, crazy guts, or a special occasion to stand out. All it takes is one signature piece, some lipstick, and a smile to rock the world every day :}

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