Wardrobe Detox 101

Spring breathes new life into the world around us and with it comes the natural urge to get rid of all that no longer serves us.

To clean the unnecessary stuff in your life and start afresh, follow our simple but effective step-by-step detox system, easily applicable to all aspects of everyday life, from home furnishing and decor to personal relationships. Here is how you can specifically use it to de-clutter your wardrobe:

1. Take out all your wardrobe contents so you can clearly see it.

2. Look through each garment, shoe, or accessory one by one.

3. Throw away everything that is worn out, torn, frayed, or stained beyond repair. Be ruthless and merciless. Put all pieces of clothing in bags and take them for recycling.

4. Of all that’s left, put back in your closet only those items that you not only love, but also wear on a regular basis.

Photo: © Aleksandar Novoselski for Nash Dom magazine; interior: EdgyCuts

5. Closely re-examine the remaining items.

6. Save only those things that either hold a strong sentimental value or can be re-purposed or re-tailored into something new that you would put to good use (I, for instance, store away clothes whose fabrics I like and use them for custom made items for Kaira later on). Try to be as objective as you can, do not fool yourself into keeping anything extra. Ask yourself: “Will I really wear this style / material / color?”. If you are still hesitant, put on the clothing / shoe / accessory in question and pay attention to how you feel. Remember that your body never lies, trust your gut feeling.

7. Give away or sell the rest. Be generous, act fast, do not overthink. When you put up items for sale, set prices low to quickly get rid of everything unnecessary and open space for your new favourites.



If you’ve accumulated a whole lot of stuff or you don’t have enough time for such a large-scale operation, take one baby step at a time: get down with your jeans today, do the shoes tomorrow, then the accessories the day after tomorrow and so on.

Veneta & Kaira