How to Stop Wasting Money on Bottled Water (in Style)

It was way easier in those early years when Miss Kaira was just a little miss and she got meals and drinks for free wherever she went thanks to her very own private dairy. But guess what happened next? She goes out, orders a bottle of water, takes only a sip, and bumps up the bill with $1. Given our family outdoorsy lifestyle, this habit of hers accumulates needless expenditure, not to mention the amounts of plastic waste that we leave behind.


Photo & Styling: © EdgyCuts


Knowing how nuts I am on re-using, reducing, and recycling, you could imagine my excitement the moment I came across the series of re-usable water bottles with minimalist, sustainable design –memobottle™.

The idea of the innovative bottles occurred to a couple of Australian guys after years of facing with 2 problems – the exponential increase of plastic-bottle waste polluting the waterways and parks in and around Melbourne and the challenge to fit a classic round water bottle in a laptop bag. Their premium flat water bottles memobottle™ were not only designed to neatly slide into all sorts of bags, but are also durable and BPA-free and thus completely safe for use and eco-friendly.



The design of the memobottle™ is inspired by the international paper sizes. Two sizes are available for sale – A5 and A6. A5 is the bigger one (as big as a notebook), has a 750 ml capacity, and is better suited for larger hands and larger bags, both for the office and for travelling. It’s a stylish accessory to gift your man so that you can inspire him to stay hydrated at work. The petite one, A6, has a size, as its name suggests, half of that of the A5, i.e. is as big as a post card, and holds half the volume – 375 ml. It is designed to fit in your pocket, handbag or held while jogging. Perfect for ladies and kids.

Each memobottle™ comes in a stylish sealed recycled cardboard packaging with a memobooklet with a serial number and with 2 lids – a black one and a white one. Now, the new memobottle H2.0 campaign offers 2 new bottles, the Slim and the A7, along with a range of premium accessories. Get yours now from the memobottle™ official site.

And remember, you don’t need tons of things, crazy guts, or a special occasion to stand out. All it takes is one signature piece, some lipstick, and a smile to rock the world every day :}

Veneta & Kaira