How to Get Rid of Acne in Less Than 10 Days

Suffering from stubborn adult acne? If you have been following us for some time, you may know I’ve had this problem since Kaira’s birth. For more than 4 years I’ve tried whatever remedy I had thought or read of – from body detox, diets, vitamins and supplements, even hormonal therapy, to tons of creams and potions, from over-the-counter ointments to pricey luxury skincare products – with absolutely no success.

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Then I accidentally came across a sample of EFFACLAR K (+) by La Roche-Posay and literally just after a few days of use my face looked transformed. My skin felt clear and renewed with smaller, refined pores, and the cystic pimples healed and vanished for good. Unfortunately, since my skin is not oily but rather combination-type and prone to dehydration, this cream makes it a bit flaky at times. What’s more, it’s only 30 ml and uses up quickly. But, at this time, I’d rather not risk switching to another product so I’m reaching for my nth tube in a row.

If you can’t get rid of your stubborn acne, I’d highly recommend you try the EFFACLAR series, especially EFFACLAR K (+). Do not expect these alone to work their magic though. Here is some practical advice derived from my hard experience to help the lotions and potions do their job:

First and foremost, maintain a very strict hygiene.
Make sure to not let anything come into contact with your skin. Keep hands, phones, hair, and scarves away from your face.

Personally, I’ve realized that the main cause of my breakouts is the way I sleep with hands stuck on my face and hence I changed my evening routine. To keep inflammation at bay, I take my daily shower just before bedtime and I don’t touch my phone and/or computer after that. And then I wear my hair up at night. Besides, I change my bed linen twice a week. What proved to be the most essential for my skin condition, though, was regularly and thoroughly cleaning my desk and keyboard with alcohol.

Secondly, be careful how you treat the pimples.
I am not going to lecture you that you should never pick at a zit. I, myself, cannot help it, the more so as I’ve found out a pimple that is on the verge of popping heals way faster when I manage to manually squeeze all of its gunk.

But to prevent inflammation from spreading further, try to not pop more than one pimple at a time. Also, do your best to do this in the evening to allow your skin ample time to repair itself and give it a helping hand by applying a thin layer of EFFACLAR A.I. locally, just on top of the sore.

Make sure to avoid further skin irritation by never using abrasive skincare products – face scrubs and harsh peels – or piling up tons of products atop blemishes.

Other common acne-causing factors proved to have a nearly insignificant effect on my skin condition, even monthly hormonal changes, so I stopped obsessing so much over them.

Wishing you success with clearing your acne and will be glad if you share your story in the comments too :}


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  1. To treat acne, we must first understand the pathogenesis of acne. Acne is formed when there is excessive sebum production, clotted pores, and the pores get infected by bacteria like Propionibacterium.acnes and Pityrosporon.ovale. Clotted pores(usually by dirt) and excessive sebum production(due to hormon imbalance esp during puberty) lead to accumulation of the sebum in the pores

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