Mother Care: Stage I. Smoothing out First Wrinkles

I’ve been totally dedicated to carrying, bearing, breast-feeding, and looking after my baby girl for whole 3 years. But when I reached the age of 36, the time had come to take some care of myself too.

I had gradually lost all my baby weight, and due to my age, this inevitably showed on my face. And there was the lack of sleep to make things worse. And last, but not least, the reckless UVA exposure during my younger years had wrecked major havoc in my early 30s. Measures had to be taken to pamper that hard working body of mine. So, here is Stage I of my ‘Mother Care Plan’.

If you’re still basking in the sun or using sun beds, please, stop it right now. You will hate what you’ll see in the mirror 10 years from now and you will have only yourself to blame for. In your 30s, you won’t feel old at all, I promise you, and you would definitely not fancy having wrinkles then, would you?

{  Restoring a smoother appearance of the nasolabial folds and smile lines and filling the marionette lines with naturally-derived injectable dermal filler   }

The procedure is performed by a certified dermatologist after an evaluation of the appearance of your skin, you needs and concerns, and your medical history, which allows the best filler for your individual case to be selected.

You may or may not get topical anesthetic applied, but either way it does not hurt a lot (way less than getting a tattoo or waxing, for instance); in fact, the procedure is more bearable in terms of pain than I have expected.

Tiny amounts of the filler are injected into the skin via a very thin needle all along each of the wrinkle or fold to be plumped and smoothed. All it takes is no more than 30 minutes, and the result is immediate and impressive – you look years younger, with the most pronounced effect achieved after the first treatment – this one procedure alone can virtually shed up to 10 years off your face. The only downside is that you should not smile too vigorously for the rest of the day (that is the hard part for me).

The results can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on the individual features, treatment area, your doctor’s technique, and the type of dermal filler used. Once the filler starts to dissipate, you need to get more filler injected to maintain the results. A follow-up injection in my case is needed every couple of years.

The price varies from country to country and clinic to clinic and highly depends on the depth and the size of the wrinkles, i.e. the lost volume to be filled. The clinic I visit, Aesthe Clinic, charges €300 for a procedure a woman aged 35-40 years would need to restore the smoother appearance of her face, with monthly promo-day offers for down to €250.

Veneta & Kaira