3 Tips to Get You Out of Monochrome Rut

Always wearing same old black and white combo because it’s:

a) easy to style,
b) fail-proof and
c) ok, let’s be honest: you’re just getting plain lazy figuring out what to wear each and every morning?

How to Get Out of Monochrome Rut feat. Chloe Nile Bag | EdgyCuts
Photos & Styling: © EdgyCuts

No problem. There’s an easy way to get out of the monochrome rut in no time. If you love your outfits paired down to basics but you are sick and tired of the classic white tops + black bottoms combo, here are some tips you can follow NOW to help you amp up the visual appeal of your daily wear and never get stuck in a monochrome rut again:

1. Forgo the black bag. Go for a rich brown hue instead. This will automatically make you steer clear of any black items of clothing. Further, swap black shoes for accent coloured ones too for a brighter, bolder look.

2. Go tonal. Pick clothes of the same colour tone – choose varying shades or all one hue. For a starter, bet on subdued neutrals like cream, sand, camel, caramel, and tobacco.

How to Get Out of Monochrome Rut feat. Chloe Nile Bag | EdgyCuts

How to Get Out of Monochrome Rut feat. Chloe Nile Bag and Zara Furry Slides | EdgyCuts3. Master the 1-2-1 rule. If head-to-toe tonal dressing screams to you like a lot of work, then mix light neutrals with dark ones. Make sure to choose navy as a substitute for black though. Dark denim is also an excellent stylish choice. The trick is to sandwich one hue between 2 items of an opposing one like in this outfit. Start with a top in caramel (1st hue), then, in the middle, add bottoms in navy (2nd hue), and finish the look with shoes in cream, which is a similar tone to caramel (1st hue).







And remember, you don’t need tons of things, crazy guts, or a special occasion to stand out. All it takes is one signature piece, some lipstick, and a smile to rock the world every day :}

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